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Memories of Esther

A We Some


In the early 80’s, Syracuse University built the Carrier Dome and we were all excited to get seasons tickets and go to each and every home football and basketball game with pride. One of the first games I remember going to was with Esther and SU had scored first in this game. After they scored, across the scoreboard came the letters, A WE SOME! Esther and I were reading it and I turned to her and said, "A we some?", Well she looked at me like I had two heads and said, "Roe, it says awesome!!!!!! You moron!" Well we laughed until we cried and from that day on whenever the opportunity arose to use that word, it became, "A we some"!!!!!


How appropriate that I would be telling this story about Esther because if there is one word to describe her I would have to say it is "awesome".

Esther was one of those people who was never judgmental, actually didn’t have a negative thing to say about anybody. I always could confide in her and trust it would go no further. I could complain to her, and she rarely complained, I could ask her opinion and she always gave great advice, or she would just sit there and listen. She was a good friend, a great mother, an adoring grandmother and an amazing woman. I miss her terribly and I think of her often.


I guess that word says it all, "Awesome". That was Esther.


- Roe Colagivanni, a friend of Esther.


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