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Memories of Esther

My Surrogate Mom


I find it really hard to put into words what your Mom meant to me. She was my friend, my buddy, my golfing partner and my surrogate Mom. I could share anything with her and know that she’d tell me like it was with love and compassion. She could make me laugh on a whim. She saw the humor in our daily lives. I miss her so, as I know you all do.


This foundation is a wonderful way to keep her memory alive – she’d be so proud of you all. Keep her memory alive for everyone especially the "little ones" so they will remember their "Nana", I always will! She’s a part of me forever and with her friendship I’ve become a better person. I know you’re as proud to call her Mom as I am in calling her friend. You are all a product of her love, devotion, caring, compassionate soul; make her proud in your lives.


I’ll always be there to help you in anyway I can as she was for me after my Mom was gone. Keep the memories alive!


- Toni Ann Tropea, one of our Mom’s best friends


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