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The ECJGF’s Grant program provides financial assistance to young men and women who are in need and wish to further their golf opportunities with coaching, tournament entries, and equipment.


To be considered for the ECJGF Grant Program, all candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Be between the ages of 12-18

  • Be recommended to the foundation by local PGA Professionals, Guidance Counselors and Teachers, School Golf Coaches or Persons in the Golf Community

  • Possess clear goals (e.g. a passion for the game of golf, competitive in tournaments, play high school/college golf, turn professional)

  • Possess a standard of values consistent with the game of golf (i.e. integrity, average or better school grades, dedicated worker, student of the game of golf)

  • Clearly establish their need for financial assistance

  • Provide supporting documents in order to verify their financial standing


All candidates who satisfy the above requirements are eligible to apply for the ECJGF Grant Program. Each candidate can apply for the ECJGF Grant at any time during the course of the season. Grants will be awarded to qualified applicants on a first-come, first-served basis.  The final selection of recipients is decided by the ECJGF Board of Directors.



Get a Grant


If you believe your child meets the criteria set above, you may be invited to apply. A potential grant recipient should be recommended by a PGA Golf Professional, Teacher, Guidance Counselor or golf coach. 


Jackie Cannizzo
Esther Cannizzo Junior Golf Foundation

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