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Memories of Esther

My Hero


My beloved sister Esther was my hero. She suffered every indignity and pain that no human being should have to endure. She never, ever complained or said "why me?" I have many wonderful memories of her that can't be put on paper but will always remain forever in my heart.


Coming from New York City to Syracuse was a big change for us, we weren't used to trees, open fields and cows. Esther and I took up golf at Sunnycrest Park in Eastwood. We also started bowling together and taking the bus from Eastwood to Solvay Recreation Center. Esther continued with both sports, but was most passionate about golf, she loved it.


I used to tease her and tell her she should buy a Winnebago and park it on the 1st hole at Lake Shore CC. Although she was much better than me, we played together in member guests and she always gave me tips, of course she told me to "plant and follow". We loved each other and my brother, Anthony, who also passed away recently. We were always there for each other in good health, family affairs and, of course, in death. There wasn't anything my brother and sister and I wouldn't do for each other. I miss them dearly but I do know we will be together again someday!!!!!


- Marie Ciarla, Esther’s sister


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