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Memories of Esther

A Boy and His Grandmother


One day in the fabulous month of May

A boy and his Grandmother were out enjoying the day

Playing the game they loved

The game they called GOLF


They played every weekend, they loved it so much

The boy loved his grandmother and she loved him

A couple of months had passed and tragedy struck

The Grandmother was attacked by cancer


The boy was so sad, but he knew she was a fighter

As months went by the doctor noticed things were not right

The grandma was losing her battle


The grandma was watching the gates open

And could see the bright lights

The owner was waiting for her there

As she got closer to the gates


She finally entered, and now there was a loud beep

The doctor rushed in but it was too late

The owner said you can't go back


As years went by the boy was strong

He still played every Sunday the game they both loved

But it was no different, he knew that every swing he took

His grandmother was watching


- Nicholas Champa, grandson of Esther


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